The 2nd Star Haiku Contest Outlines

The 2nd Star Haiku Contest Submission Form

Submission Form from (After 1 April, you can download the form)

Ban’ya Natsuishi (Japan; WHA Director, President of Ginyu Press & Professor at Meiji University)
1. You can submit haiku in any language with Japanese, English or French version. Please use this form!
2. Theme: Star(s)
3. Haiku must be unpublished.
4. Please note your full name (penname as a haiku poet), nationality, sex, age, postal address, email address.
5. Only one submission of one haiku by one poet without submission fee.
6. Deadline: 20 May 2021.
7. Email to:

The Results
will be announced on 23 July 2021 (Star Festival Day) in Hoshida-myoken Star Shrine (Katano, Osaka, Japan)

1st Place: Certificate, etc.
2nd Place: Certificate, etc.
3rd Place: Certificate, etc.

Your Full Name:
Postal Address:

Email Address:

Haiku (only one haiku by one poet)

Organizer: Amanogawa-Katanogahara Project俳句コンテストのご案内/

Supporters: Hoshida-myoken Star Shine, Osaka Prefecture, Katano City, Setsunan University, World Haiku Association, Ginyu Press, etc.

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