Excursion from Oujda to Saidia & the Cap d'eau

On 15 July, we, about 40 attendants of the 2nd Haiku Seminar in Morocco made an excursion by bus from Oujda, through Saidia to the Cap d'eau.

From Oujda, we arrived the border between Morocco and Algeria. Very peaceful.

Cactus laughing
in front of the burning border
a terrorism on the opposite shore


Terrorism occured in Nice on 14 July!!!

Then we went to Saidia beach fronting the Mediterranean, where we ate cousoucousoou as lunch.



Then to the Cap d'eau. Three islands near the shore Moroccan occupied by Spain.

Spanish shadow
as an island
sand became a giant rock




モロッコ・アルバム 1
Excerpt: 2016年7月のモロッコ滞在中のアルバム前半をアップした。
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