The 2nd Haiku Seminar in Morocoo

The 2nd Haiku Seminar in Morocoo finished successfully on 14 July in a modern hall of Mohammed 1st Oujda University.




Before this conference, an exhibition for contemporary art and haiku was opend at the Art Gallery of Oujda, about 200 persons gathered for it on 13 July. I, Sayumi Kamakura, Romano Zeraschi, Zlatoka Timenova and othres read each haiku with Arabic equivalent.

Then we moved to a palace of Digital Garden to attend welcome party for the seminar until 1:30 am. So we are sleepy whole the day of 14 July.

All the events are a great and epoch-making success.

Abdelkader Jamossi and Sameh Derouch are working very well for these events.



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