The 1st Vietnam-Japan Haiku Conference in Hanoi

On 13 September 2014, the 1st Vietnam-Japan Haiku Conference was held with about 80 attendants.
The site; Conference Room of the One Hundred Grass Park (Hoi truong Cong vien Bach thao) in the center of Hanoi.

It was a more successful haiku event than I imagined.


Famous man of letters, Mr. Huu Ngoc, 97 years aged attended our conference from th beginning to the end. He remarked that Vietnamese acceptance of haiku the the 3rd cultural change of the country. Keeping Vietnamese soul, we promote haiku writing in Vietnamese lanlguage.

I made a present of "World Haiku 2014: No. 10" and my calligraphty to him. It' my great honor!!!

My speech "Hanoi and World Haiku" was well accepted by intelligent audience.

Sayumi Kamkaura talked about Japanese women's haiku.

Among speeches by Vietnamese haiku poets, Nghiem Xuan Duc's one was very interesting, because he illustrated rhym in Vietnamese haiku with presentation device.

I was interviewed by Vietnamese TV to say that haiku was admitted officialy in Vietnam by this conference.

Delicious lunch was offered by HUFO. During it I gave 8 calligraphies to distinguished attendants.



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