From Druskininkai

Yesterday, we moved from Vilnius to Druskininkai after 2 hours' trip by bus. They wrote our haiku in 3 lanugages, on the wooden wall, in front of Dinava Center which is the main venue of Druskininkai Poetic Fall and the 5th World Haiku Association Conference 2009 (DPF/WHAC5 2009).

After lunch, DPF/WHAC5 2009 began: Opening discussion, Haiku reading, One poem night. About 100 persons attended.

Druskininkai is nice place; air is clear, pine amd other trees are old and living.

Old pine tree in Druskininkai
surrounded by fresh air
and fresh word

An old pine tree
is a lane leading to
a newborn nebula

Ban'ya Natsuishi