Our arrival at Vilnius

We, Japanese members of WHA arrived at Vilnius, last evening. We attended welcome dinner at Congress Hotel. At this friendly pary presided by Kornelius Platelis, we met about 35 poets from many countries including New Zealand, Bulgaria, Portugal, Russia, Italy, after it we slept well in the same hotel ranked 4 stars.

Really, Lithuania in a nothern country, so I chaged my underwears into winter.

Today we will go around beatiful old town of Vilnius, hold WHA Conference in the afternoon at Lithuanian Writers' Club.

This is my 3rd visit of Vilnius and Lithuania.

The setting sun of Vilnius
brings friends and poems
from faraway




Excerpt: 第30回ドルスキニンカイ詩の秋と第5回世界俳句協会大会2009の大成功は、リトアニアの詩人たちが組織するドルスキニンカイ詩の秋と世界俳句協会の協力によるもの。とくに、リトアニア芸術家協会会長でもある、..
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