From Helsinki (2)

Today, we walked Helsinki. In Ateneum Museum, we watched "The Kalevala in Images" exhibition. In the bookshop of the museum, they sell only "Hokusai and "Hiroshige" without other books of Japanese art.

I bought a copy of the volumious catalogue of the exhibition.

In the afternoon, we visited again Rock Church in the middle town of the capital. In the 20th century, they built up this church, digging a giant granite megalith on the hill.

Rock Church:
a pillar of tears
black and slim

Ban'ya Natsuishi



「俳句 縦横無尽38 花崗岩の都」を高知新聞社へ
Excerpt: 7月20日(月)掲載予定の、夏石番矢「俳句 縦横無尽38 花崗岩の都」を、高知新聞社へメールした。
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